Carnival Games

Brandon Concessions LLC is celebrating their forty-third year in the industry! Today Brandon Concessions has well over twenty colossal carnival games displayed at each fair they attend. Brandon Concessions LLC has committed itself to providing our clients, event and fairgoers with the most professional, courteous management and staff. We carefully choose our team employees, as they will become not only crew members but also an extension of our family. Because of the nature of our business, we travel town to town, city to city with our staff. Spending countless hours on and off duty with them. You can rest assured that our employees make every effort to conduct themselves in a helpful, professional manner. We require our staff to be in full company uniform during operating hours. Our staff will always be clean shaven with no beards or long hair. We provide portable showers and living quarters. We strive to provide all necessary resources to maintain these standards. We make a real effort to upgrade the image some folks have about carnival workers. Brandon Concessions believes in a drug free work place. drugs are prevalent in all industries, but seems to have a great deal of media scrutiny within our industry. That is why Brandon Concessions LLC has chosen to fully comply with Federal standards set forth by the government. We drug test all employees in a three phase program. Pre-employment, randomly and under reasonable suspicion. We believe that through positive reinforcements of this policy, we can deter many problems company’s face with drug abuse, i.e. personal endangerment lost time, lost production, and lost revenue. If we do encounter an employee with a drug problem, we immediately terminate their position and offer them information on how to receive professional help. We are proud of our employees, without their dedication and hard work, we would have not reached the position of prominence in the industry that we enjoy today.

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